Monday, March 1, 2010

Episode 31

In this episode of the Game Nutz Podcast, Boter and FearTheClaw talk about some various Nintendo news and then vent about the improper use of terminology used at the stores by some customers. Claw talks Sonic and both do a horrible job of lamenting the UK retailer GAME.

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Music is "Funk Rock 15", ©2008 8-bit Rocket, used under Creative Commons Attribution License.


ethan1066 said...
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Boter said...

We don't mind you posting to other gaming websites, or even other retailers, but please don't link to ones that make a sales model out of charging people and never actually sending them merchandise.

努力 said...
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Boter said...

Porn links get deleted too. Nice try.

chris said...

1) Woo! Nintendo!

2) Virus Database has been updated!

3) yes...moving mic is bad

4) Poor blind people...

5) woo!! accessibility!

6) Poor capcom...Not really sure what he did,

7) good timing on the Mario music

8) Woo!! Release date!

9) epic mickey looks... epic...

10) Nintendo a standard of quality :D.

11) pretty interesting ration

12) hey! stop using word i don't understand.

13) i will shop some day at your store

14) woo! i like art!

15) i agree on the face-palm

16) Vocabulary lesson!

17) flaim-bait!

18) nope, you didn't mention it.

19) there never is a way to please

20) Sonic 1!!!!

21) nice... fear... my windows!

22) moderate changes!

23) Phone calls!

24) or using GBA-GCN Connector.

25) Boter, you seem to be short on topics quite frequently lately.

26) woo!! 33 subscribers.

27) *face palm*

28) what's with the padding?

Anyway, on to episode 32