Sunday, March 28, 2010

Episode 34

This week, Boter and FearTheClaw talk Perfect Dark on the Xbox Live Arcade, dabble in release date methodology, and Nintendo's thoughts on the PlayStation Move. Boter announces the return of the Commodore brand and Claw gives us news from GameStop. lastly, FearTheClaw mentions some news from the rumor mill about an Xbox 360 slim. Boter wraps up with talking about the CD-i and the Atari Lynx in the store. Buy this stuff, people!

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Music is "Black Paint Rock 1 & 2", ©2008 8-bit Rocket, used under Creative Commons Attribution License.

1 comment:

chris said...

1) *drumb beat* Tiger woods...

2) nice plug boter!

3) don't get sued for another 34 episodes!

4) Wild & Crazy Kids!

5) down with activistion! boycott the products!

6) *don't care on MW2 stuff*

7) perfect dark!

8) it came out in 2000

9) yea! down with yearly updates!

10) Nintendo woo!

11) Reggie Fils-Aime gives me the creeps.

12) I agree with Fear The Claw's view on Reggie's Comments.

13) yes. yes it is.

14) Brand new Commodore? One of the systems i didn't have...

15) Retro Style!

16) Game Nutz Podcast, recording going on, can we help you?

17) Is this becomeing the Hate Nutz Podcast? *lol*

18) i should be an all-systems gamer....nah!

19) makes sense.....

20) woo! go independent stores!

21) he he he.... funny Activition....

22) *60's batman music* Rumor time.

23) Microsoft copying Sony?

24) Microsoft 180.... ha!

25) *facebpalm on over 2 comment* punny

26) more shameless plugs!

27) LOZ:CDi!!!

28) put it on speakerphone!

29) can't hear you boter.

30) well, nintedo also embarssed sony at E3 where SNES-CD was going to be announced.

31) give it to Baby Hoffman!

32) ouch! Bigger than a Game Gear.

33) Left Handed!

34) i need money! then i can buy things.