Saturday, April 17, 2010

Episode 37

Boter reports live from STGC FragFest X to plug the LAN Party and give a quick update on some of the top stories that the Game Nutz Podcast has been following.

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Music is nothing. Hopefully mime musicians won't sue us.

Episode 36

The hosts talk about April Fool's day, Green Day Rock Band, Infinity Ward and the PS3 in this half-length edition of the Game Nutz Podcast. Hopefully regular recording and editing schedules will resume soon.

Yes, the joke was drawn out for two weeks due to skipping a week for the podcast then late editing. This officially makes us lame.

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Music is "Yakety Sax", ©1963 Boots Randolph, ironically used without permission.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Game Nutz Podcast suspended (April Fool's Day)

EDIT: This was an April Fool's Day gag that got dragged out due to scheduling conflicts. For more info, please read the comments, and/or listen to Episode 36.

Starting with the episode "Fillercast 1," we have been using the classic Super Mario Bros. coin sound for bleeping expletives in our podcasts. We did this without considering the legal ownership rights of the sound. Today we received a letter from Nintendo's Legal Department concerning the sound.

Here is an excerpt:

"It has come to our attention that you are utilizing on your Podcast, Game Nutz Podcast (, a sound effect from a Nintendo video game title without written consent from Nintendo of America or its Parent Company. This letter constitutes a demand that you immediately cease utilizing, reproducing and distributing Nintendo's proprietary sounds and remove all uses of said sound from past Podcasts.


"This letter constitutes notice to you that your actions are illegal and may subject you to criminal prosecution and civil liability. We will be monitoring your Podcast to see if you are in compliance with the law and reserve the right to take
all steps necessary to protect Nintendo's rights.


There's a bunch of legal jargon in the second paragraph I edited out, but you get the gist. While we have agreed to cease and desist usage of the sound in future episodes, Nintendo is requiring that we pay back royalties for each past usage (Giant Corporate Hate episode, we're looking at you), or else face further legal action, up to and including a pending lawsuit. Until these payments are made in full, there will be no new episodes. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that you will continue checking for updates in the coming week, and ask that you show your support by visiting our stores located on Rt. 5 in both Sherrill and Canastota, NY and making a purchase from our wide variety of video games, systems, and accessories. Thank you.