Thursday, February 25, 2010

Episode 30

This week, FearTheClaw rejoices in the resurrection of Electronic Gaming Monthly and Boter brings up a filed patent for a universal controller. They talk politics and Tetris and wrap things up talking about copyright. (No, really, it's a bit more interesting than it sounds.)

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Music is "Alt Rock 6", ©2008 8-bit Rocket, used under Creative Commons Attribution License.

1 comment:

chris said...

1) yes. It is very good *lol*

2) woo!!! i like popcorn

3) owwww.... boter has nothing to say..

4) cool... "last issue". does it has a 5 - 10 scale?

5) by the website ( the last issue is February 2009, #237. Now, Wikipedia says the magazine folded in January 2009, which is when they would of been putting the finishing touches on that issue. So, this is at least someone verified - at least as far as wikipedia verification can go.

6) universal controllers are a pain. You lose it, and you have to get up and find the original controllers.

7) *ignores psp stuff*

8) analog sticks rule!

9) link to the "bulbas" thing? pics of the stare?

10) sticky's gone! <-- sad face :(

11) *get's napalm*

12) you're on a political spectrum?

13) 30-secs history!!

14) no, you haven't talked about mickey before.

15) Mortal Kombat! (with a K)

16) Boo!! companies dis'ing out indie developments is bad!

17) i like the informal tone of the podcast.

18) hey, you may have listener(s) in RI!!....Anyone?