Sunday, March 7, 2010

Episode 32

Though there's some other news afterwards, the feature presentation this week is discussing the firing of the heads of Infinity Ward and what might lie in the future for that company and Activision in general. Follow up news mentions Tony Hawk: Ride, Final Fantasy XIII and how it stacks up cross-platform, and the updated Xbox Live policy.

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1 comment:

chris said...

1) Episode 19!!! Thanks, my bro was wondering about that.

2) woo! less cursing?

3) harsh...

4) ooo, $36 million a lot to sue for.

5) poor guys....

6) activision is ruining the business of games..

7) trench warfar!!! almost as bad as milking WWII till it's dry

8) it could be bigger. Much bigger. Just ask Joe.

9) i agree with boter on genre statement.

10) i like expanding the genres of a franchise!

11) Land Party!

12) Poor Tony Hawk... he tries so hard.

13) FFXIII!!!

14) so, now i needed a PS3

15) SNES!!!

16) nice!

17) should not discriminate!

18) fear... i have some good friends that just happen to be Gay.