Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Episode 41

This week, Boter and Claw start off with a fun little bit of Pac-Man (new URL for the game HERE) and then move on to Star Wars news topics. Boter then talks about what he's been playing - Freespace: The Great War, mentioned a couple weeks ago, and Split/Second - and Claw talks about his latest aquisitions, Super Street Fighter IV and Sonic Gems Collection, moving into a general Sonic discussion.

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Music is "Metropolis", ©1991 Soyo Oka (SimCity on SNES).

1 comment:

chris said...

1) funny....

2) happy bday pac-man!

3) no! spoiler! you ruined it for me....

4) nice upgrade!

5) go users!

6) sounds good. framing device work well, and drift = power is good.

7) yea...stop distracting my left ear

8) gamestop!

9) ctrl+replace!

10) interesting indeed.....

11) "used a credit card" - achievement unlocked

12) he he - funny achivement

13) i wouldn't want it more realistic...