Saturday, May 15, 2010

Episode 40

This week on the Game Nutz Podcast, Claw talks about Far Cry 2 and Super Street Fighter IV, then both he and Boter talk about new with Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Portal. THE GAME IS FREE. GO GET IT NOW.

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1 comment:

chris said...

1) news segment opening... nice

2) no, i can barely hear him....

3) nice... a game where you can be a pyro....

4) ow...he's in my left ear....starting over....
1) originality!

2) yes, yes it will..

3) Super street fighter 4, i wonder if kev has it.

4) nice, African wilderness....i wonder if it will invoke the trope
misplaced wildlife

5) fully interactive environment

6) which street fighter II? :D

7) multi-lingual games!

8) news!

9) excellent! originallity! also, now...the music genre is going!

10) i games stick....

11) phone call...good morning....

12) thanks ear needed that...

13) two more things....

14) another playstation.... :'(.... wait portable or home?

15)! go! go! go! need link! need link!

16) wait, this is more than 2.....anyway, rumors and speculations!

17) in the field.... interesting...