Monday, May 3, 2010

Episode 38

With a less-than-ideal microphone (for once, Boter is louder than Claw!), Boter and Claw talk about Activision related-topics, with more leaving Infinity Ward, more suits against Activision, and a surprising announcement by Bungie of working with the world's biggest game publisher. They then talk a bit about Ubisoft, Nintendo, and Apple, and then discuss the hidden gem of a game called Beat Hazard.

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"Super Buck Jazz", Estradasphere
"Vegas", DJ Pretzel
"Waltz for Zora", Neskvartetten
"ControlJazz", Scott Peeples
"Yoshi's Rag", McVaffe
"The Shinra Shuffle", The Runaway Five
--With thanks to OverClocked ReMix

1 comment:

chris said...

1) mario music!
2) nice, it's a news report
3) sticky - no!
4) activations going down! *evil laugh*
5) bungie is out of the frying pan and into the fire.
6) no! how will i know how to play a game....
7) it gives reason to the "All there in the manual" trope.
8) *ouch*!
9) New Wii Pakage!
10) *facepalm*
11) apple's/gizmodo going a little far...
12) nope. i got nothing.....
13) geometry wars meets audiosurf? sounds good.
14) 100% completion!
15) riddler's a good villain.
16) comments!