Saturday, February 13, 2010

Episode 29

Boter and FearTheClaw start the podcast by pondering what it takes for gamers to be Olympians. Claw talks about video game Monopoly boards and Boter skims a few headlines from Microsoft X10.

Note to Claw: The mic pics up your voice the easiest. Move away from it. I'm not balancing this, and the automatic filter can only do so well.

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Music is "Bugler's Dream/Olympic Fanfare and Theme", ©1996 Leo Arnaud & John Williams. (Please don't sue us.)

1 comment:

chris said...

1) woo!! different!

2) John Williams?

3) Physical skills?

4) do you record the intro before or after the podcast? it's probably after.

5) gold metal for best frag!

6) we have an evolving waist line.

7) funny Claw. no bathroom.

8) reformat game!

9) LAN mention

10) comedy racer!

-- News! --
11) Monopoly! it's public domain!

12) R.I.P. MLG

13) 250 GB's would be nice.

14) Valve isn't EA.

15) Meta-Journalists!

16) He can't hear you, you know.

17) Bonky the wonder clown!

18) woo! emotional! story!

19) nice going boter...

20) need money....

-- for what you asked --
see: They use a lot of consoles.