Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Episode 46

This week on the Game Nutz Podcast, Boter and Claw give a rapid fire news report and continue on to product reviews. Consider the whole episode a review of a microphone... or just pretend that he was telecommuting into the podcast. Also reviewed are a wireless Xbox 360 microphone and a third-party Xbox 360 controller.

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Music is "Bodkin Point", ©2007 Masanobu Matsunaga (from Planet Puzzle League on Nintendo DS).

1 comment:

chris said...

1) Hulu!

2) Why am i hearing 2 fears?

3) catch your Avatar!!

4) ah.. why didn't you air it?

5) i have no clue what some of these references are too.

6) Boter... are you on speaker-phone?

7) dash board!... leak?

8) GCN-GBA Connector!

9) :D Purple ring of death.... :D

10) Obsessed.... *blushes*

11) It's anti-poop socking

12) i don't like earbuds.....

13) i have many comments, on many things.