Monday, June 14, 2010

Episode 43½

This week, we see a special downside to posting a couple days after recording - much of this episode was spent on predictions for E3, and Microsoft had a pre-E3 press event where many predictions CAME TRUE! Thanks for waiting up. Boter touched on a couple points very fast after the episode proper - don't want any of you wiseasses thinking we're unprofessional.

After last week's recording ran into technical difficulties, Boter and FearTheClaw decide to do those topics over again this week - namely, that they've been playing Snoopy Flying Ace and Red Dead Redemption, respectively. They then talk about Mocrosoft's and Sony's motion controllers and predictions about E3 press for them - Natal's official name, price points, and release dates. They discuss Rock Band 3 and give a few more rapid-fire predictions for E3.

Check out last week's recording here: Episode 43.

Stay tuned next week for an hour-long E3 roundup episode.

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Music is "Linus & Lucy", ©1964 Vince Guaraldi. Arr. ©1995 Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka (from Snoopy Concert on SNES). Man, I want to use this every week now...

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chris said...

1) What happen to 43?

2) also 43 1/2 isn't loading in itunes.

3) i like all the peppy quotes. But sorry....nothing much else.

1 am working on catching up, so i amy not comment as much as i use too.