Saturday, April 17, 2010

Episode 36

The hosts talk about April Fool's day, Green Day Rock Band, Infinity Ward and the PS3 in this half-length edition of the Game Nutz Podcast. Hopefully regular recording and editing schedules will resume soon.

Yes, the joke was drawn out for two weeks due to skipping a week for the podcast then late editing. This officially makes us lame.

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Music is "Yakety Sax", ©1963 Boots Randolph, ironically used without permission.


Justin "The Claw" said...
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Justin "The Claw" said...

"ironically used without permission..." Clever. Boots Randolph is dead, so I'm sure he's not one of our 20 listeners anyway... Also, hopefully Sega won't sue us for using the Sonic ring sound in as this week's bleep!

Justin "The Claw" said...

Then again, if Sega was really that protective of the Sonic IP, they wouldn't have released Sonic Unleashed! *rimshot*

chris said...

1) ow...

so it was a joke?

2) nice. Librarian...ha!

3) EGM did it for a month!

4) that one was so hard! Cruel meleeeee!!

5) green day's good. But what system us it coming out on?

6) no!! i won't be able to do linux....when i get a ps3....

7) wo... the short one did well.

8) i like the bg music. and the random noises.