Sunday, October 18, 2009

Episode 17

Which Sucks Less: PlayStation 3 Original vs. PlayStation 3 Slim

The team continues Which Sucks Less with a landslide result as to which PS3 is preferred - but you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out which!

Sticky leads us from there into a discussion of a rumor of a new DS system (which will be referred to hereafter as the DSi Lite) and Claw talks about Jack Thompson's latest tirade. Boter talks about a couple of demos he tried out, and the team talks Halo for a minute or two.

FearTheClaw edited this week's podcast; I'll have to keep in mind some of the little bits for use when I get back to the editing.

. . .

Seriously, Claw? I was wondering why there was 45 seconds left at the end...

Okay, okay. Well played.

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chris said...

1) I love snow!

2) Slim sounds better, since sony is still making far as i know...

3) i want to do linux on PS3

4) 70% less power! woo! it's a good thing i am asking for a slim. My dad would kill me if i added $50/month to the power bill.

5) I also want FFXIII.

6) DS Light. It can be play GBA games (like Pokemon). I hope they put it in the GBA Port.

7) suggested music (if you don't mind copyrights):

8) REPLY: A/S/L? *he he he*

9) boter, can you post something on the new wii controller

10) i hear mario was a good show. it was on when i was 4, with reruns till i was 6 (and i got the NES at age 5 ;-). so i might of watched it, bt i don't recall....

Boter said...

Hey Chris,

We'll talk about the Wii Motion Plus when the Wii comes up for the bracket.

chris said...

i meant the one in china....but that will do as well.

Boter said...

Aha, that's what you meant.

Source: Kotaku

Anonymous said...

Got a few comments, I'll probably be ranting actually. As for that PS3 fat factoid. It uses as much electricity as a full sized refrigerator. Yet (and i'm surprised this wasn't brought up) The slim nixed backwards compatibility. Which is simply because sony wants to milk you for all the ps2 games all over again I believe.

As for epic mickey, ju8st so you folks know. Is 100% confirmed wii exsclusive. For now. But don't hold your breath for the ps3 or 360 version since not only will you be waiting for motion controls but for spectre to change his mind on the 360 audience. Warren Spectre was quoted as saying he feels 360 and ps3 gamers would be less likely to accept a game where you play as a cartoon mouse. Of course I'm Paraphrasing here's the quote

"Would you really want to tackle convincing Halo or Grand Theft Auto players that they want to be Mickey Mouse? Would you really want to do that? In terms of finding a congenial audience, let’s go for a platform that’s known for Mario and Link and now Sonic," -Warren Spectre

Anyhow, One last thing I don't see the loss of a gba slot as that big of a deal. I mean noone has made a new GBA game in almost 3 years now. Plus those games are best played on an SP or better yet an gamecube with the GBA adapter. Love GC GBA, it is truly the best way to play the SNES throwbacks. Also there is just so much they added into the DSi that makes it marvel, Net browsing, camera, flipnote studio, Dsiware (though that is certainly not in it's stride yet) and maybe more by the time the next iteration comes out.

It is a great upgrade and doesn't need the GBA slot to make it awesome. I'm eager to see the new DSi only titles coming in the near future. With all the extra ram, processor power, and improved functionality. I hope developers wont be underestimating it.

Otherwise, Good podcast guys. Oh and i'm local and love snow too. It wouldn't feel like a right if nature wasn't actively trying to kill me at least a 1/4 of the year.

Boter said...

Hi Catalyst, thanks for listening!

It's actually worth noting that the PS3 nixed backwards compatibility long before the slim came out. Comparing both consoles on the market, neither are BC.