Saturday, September 12, 2009

Episode 14

Proving that last week wasn't a fluke, the guys keep it together and deliver another great episode. After some opening with a new Sega Dreamcast game and The Force Unleashed, the big issue this week is Kurt Cobain's appearance in Guitar Hero 5 and his ex-wife threatening legal action. After that stimulating conversation, other issues such as STGC FragFest (the upcoming LAN party in Utica), Toys "R" Us entering the used game market, and EVE Online banning illegal accounts and proving how much it helped the game are also brought to the mix, plus Sticky talking a bit about the League of Legends closed beta that he's a part of.

The microphone glitched early on during the Crysis conversation; the missing bit is Sticky giving the four graphic levels, which are Low, Gamer, Heavy and Enthusiast. And now you know.

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Music is "Funk Rock 1", ©2008 8-bit Rocket, used under Creative Commons Attribution License.

1 comment:

chris said...

1) no problem. thanks for mentioning me.

2) woo! everyone's here and getting healthier!

2) nice, new dreamcast game...! i will go... do something....

3) woo!! new classic-style sonic!

4) can't believe your so lazy.......and i am as well...

PS2-NA 19 September 2006

Wii-NA 15 April 2008, before the JPN release.... unless i read that wrong


4) Toys 'R' Us closed near me.....

5) interesting what happened to EVE Online.

X) if you guy haven't tried it, please check out monopoly city streets.